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John Van De Ruit



One Week to Launch

sp– Learning to Flywill be launched6月9日下一个星期二,在约翰内斯堡和一个整个其他地方following that.

This may surprise you, but the over riding feeling i have after returning home to Durban after two months in Asia, is one of order. Now order isn’t a word one usually associates with South Africa – but there you have it. I am once again struck by the degree to which afro-pessimism frames so many people’s views when compartmentalizing our country. The other thing I have noticed since returning home, is the level of hype and anticipation about Learning To Fly. I expected a storm but this is looking more and more like a category 5 hurricane with a chip on its shoulder. This is the part of the job that always sounds the most glamorous to people, but can in some ways be more daunting than writing the book in the first place. The pre-publication launch, exactly a week from now shapes up to be a monumental event with my publishers determined to set a new record for a book launch in South Africa. I have warned them about the possibility of me developing an arthritic writing paw due to excessive book signing and hand shaking but it seems they thought i was joking. Now you may think this is a laughing matter (and it probably is) but Marian Keyes scared the death out of me at the Cape Town book fair in 2007 when she said that her arm had become mangled and deformed due to signing a million or so books too many. She was using a personalised stamp which made her seem like a fiery Irish librarian checking out books. I’ll do my best to avoid the stamp on the Learning To Fly book tour except of course for those of you who have an unnatural fetish for stationery.

And now for some apologies:

我道歉豪登省的好人unseemly Spud, Learning to fly billboard that has been erected on the Ben Schoeman Highway between Johannesburg and Pretoria. This is just the sort of grandiose prank that the Penguins are famous for – particularly when I’m away. A traffic jam is bad enough without having local literature rammed down your throat as you sit trapped and gridlocked between a minibus, another minibus, and certain death. An apology too for those readers who have to squeeze past grotesque columns of Spud books in bookstores on their way to more edifying literature. I say blame Harry Potter, he started all this boarding school craziness in the first place.

所以抵达时,第一份学习飞行的副本正在等待我。不幸的是,我的父亲在好奇心地克服了他最近可能或可能在他最近的过去的情况下,撕开了信封,并成为读新书的第一个公民。好消息是他的评论是www.xf839.com有利的,坏消息是,我的父亲不能完全说它是一堆棕色 - 至少没有打破我的心。打开书籍并觉得自己的手指之间是一个超现实的经历。这么多的话,那么花了很多时间。这是斯普鲁德 - 学会飞行不再是我生命的主题,而是我的劳动的对象。从受试者受到影响的切换足以短路,大脑像我自己一样小。


怎么样sp– Learning to Fly开始了


sp, the character of The Guv inscribes a book of poetry, which he presents to Spud Milton on his 14th birthday. It reads, “Here’s to all the beginnings, and the possibilities they bring.”

sp– Learning to Fly开始是2007年8月。在几年短的几年里,我写了两本书,表演了数百名曼巴节目,并生活了一个庆祝的游牧民族的生活。在红牛和肾上腺素上运行,大多数突然转向我的财富,我的新过山车生活在自己的生活中,我只是追逐它。疯狂持续(并继续......)书籍巡回赛是艰苦的,我意识到我已经达到了各种各样的结束。称之为开始结束。我需要一场休息,休息一下,从日常嗡嗡声中休息一下,休息一下,而且大多休息一下。我决定消失,所以我做到了。五个月我没有提到“S”的词,避免与世界联系,并致以致力于我的道路。这是一个排序的开始。



Spud audiobook.我最早回忆童年的一个漫长而大多数弯曲的旅行,到南部非洲的遥远的地区。我的父母很快发现了一种有效的方法来预防我现在可爱的妹妹和我自己之间的战争,就是将一个录音带流入录像带(记住它们?)

我可以回忆起迪克弗朗西斯的故事,阿加莎·克里斯蒂和罗尔德·达尔 - 我也记得我的父亲非常慢慢地反复驾驶我们的郊区。尽管整天开车,但我们不能让假期死亡,直到Hercule Poirot他的时间评估了证据并让我们知道凶手谁。





这是我的第一篇文章Amazon.com个人资料页面. Hopefully, it will appear in two places at once – if not, back to the technical drawing board!


sp被推出了Razorbill.(Penguin USA) in America and Canada on the 4th October 2007. I unfortunately was not anywhere near North America, in fact, I was so far away I was in South Africa! I tried my best to celebrate the moment with an overrated dinner in a swanky restaurant but with every drink I ordered, the toasts to America grew wearier, until eventually fading away into excited talk about the rugby world cup.

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John Van De Ruit亲爱的读者

宣布......Spud The Audiobook录音

- 要么 -


The week started on a bad footing when my traditional boys-only Transkei fishing week ended three days prematurely. This was largely on account of gale force winds, dwindling whiskey reserves, and our fishing boat drifting out to sea.

After a hearty SAA breakfast of grated cabbage roll on soggy lettuce, I dismounted my Airbus to find absolutely nobody waiting for me at the airport. I must say the Penguins (my publishers) are usually quite good about arranging a hearty airport welcome complete with hired fans, fake news cameras, and a sturdy bunch of fake flowers. Alas I found myself bereft in the mighty concrete jungle and after just shy of three hundred offers for a taxi, I grimly shuffled off towards the bright red hell of AVIS.



To Chris and Sarah: Thanks

首先是莎拉的消息。是的,我正在享受销售并有一次健康的银行账户。我在剧院的岁月中实现了什么,现在是一个作者,这是金钱对我们来说并不意味着对商人或律师的同意。对我来说,金钱直接相关。你拥有的钱越多,你拥有的创造力越多,而且你的工作最终会变得更好。我现在写全职 - 虽然这并不意味着我每天都要写,但创造的自由是关键。这也是如此的写作只是在思考。除非你头脑中有魔法,否则你不能写这个魔法。除非你有时间把它催化并让它炖你,否则你没有找到脑袋里的魔力。



spud传播爱情之旅 - 可能是日期

“传播爱情之旅”为spud - 疯狂继续,继续。我们下周在KZN - 这是日期,地方和RSVP信息,希望能在那里见到你!

5月17日星期四 - Pietermaritzburg

17H30 18H00



John Van De RuitWelcome to my official blog and thanks to those who made it happen. (Spud would say “wickedly splendid.”) I look forward to hearing fromspfans, curious bloggers, late night lurkers and other people with far too much time on their hands.

我必须首先说,写作的工作确实是一个奇怪的职业。我的出版商把销售人员递给我,告诉我spis now officially a phenomenon and that everybody is going mad about it. But here at my writing desk at home I see very little evidence first hand. So now I can talk directly to you and let you know some of the madness that is me and my life. In return you can share your thoughts with me. Good, bad or otherwise.