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Use the power of motivation and good habits to become fitter, healthier and stronger – for life – with Kayla Itsines’s latest book!

Use the power of motivation and good habits to become fitter, healthier and stronger, for life!

Bikini Body Guides (BBG) co-creator Kayla Itsines, named the world’s number one fitness influencer by Forbes, shows you how to harness the power of motivation and build good habits around health and fitness.

Drawing on more than 40,000 survey responses from her global online community, as well as extensive research and her experience as a trainer, Kayla addresses what stops us from following through on our health and fitness goals.

In her second book,The Bikini Body Motivation & Habits Guide, Kayla explores how you can overcome those obstacles, set goals and stick to a long-term plan for better health.

Inside, you’ll find helpful checklists and templates, a 28-day meal plan, more than 200 simple and delicious recipes, shopping lists and a pullout 28-day workout poster.

Let global fitness phenomenon Kayla show you how YOU can stick to a plan for long-term health.


凯拉Itsinesis a personal trainer and global fitness phenomenon with more than 15 million social media followers.She has created the world’s largest and most supportive online female fitness community, the successfulBBGandBBG更强的锻炼和饮食指南, all hosted in the renowned women’s fitness app,流汗。She lives with her partner Tobi Pearce in Adelaide, Australia.She is the author ofThe Bikini Body 28-Day Healthy Eating & Lifestyle Guideand在比基尼身材动机和习惯指南


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Nechama Brodie Weighs in on the Banting Debate: The Science of LCHF is Not as Miraculous as it Seems

该约堡书Nechama Brodie recently wrote an article for男性健康about Tim Noakes’ popular Banting diet.

The editor of该约堡书: A Guide to the City’s History, People and Placestakes on the science behind the low-carb high-fat diet, which was first practised by doctor William Banting 150 years ago.

Brodie takes stock of the state of the nation’s health – nearly two thirds of South Africans are overweight – dives into the fats versus carbs debate and analyses the risk factors of adopting an LCHF-lifestyle.

Read the article:

人们很容易在这个理论购买 - 这是诺克斯特立独行;唯一一个足够的勇气去挑战的人,采取的现状。




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Richard Ballard Speaks at the Launch of南非的艾滋病行动主义和全球健康政治

南非的艾滋病行动主义和全球健康政治Professor Richard Ballard from the人口研究与发展学系at the夸祖鲁纳塔尔大学spoke at the launch of Mandisa Mbali’s南非的艾滋病行动主义和全球健康政治in Durban.

Ballard has shared his speech on Democracy in Africa, in which he commends Mbali on her multifaceted approach to Aids activism, the depth of her research and her prose, which he says is “clear, direct, efficient, and yet unhurried.”



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曼迪萨姆巴利 Launches南非的艾滋病行动主义和全球健康政治


斯泰伦博斯academic and Rhodes scholar Mandisa Mbali cut an imposing figure at the书休息室last week at the launch of her book,南非的艾滋病行动主义和全球健康政治。Joined in a fascinating conversation by Steven Robins, she held the audience captive as she spoke to a number of topics covered in the text, including the issue of “medical apartheid” and the historic role that the治疗行动运动(TAC) had in securing moral legitimacy for AIDS activists internationally, thus enabling them to push for new and improved models of global health diplomacy and governance.

曼迪萨姆巴利和史蒂芬·罗宾斯南非的艾滋病行动主义和全球健康政治She recalled the political funerals held in the 1980s where young Americans, mainly gay men who were dying of AIDS, elected to have their coffins placed or their ashes scattered outside public buildings in a bid to raise greater awareness about the need for the federal government to develop anti-retroviral drugs.Mbali focused on the historic links and symbolic standpoints between the anti-apartheid movement in South Africa and AIDS activism in America.In South Africa, the moral and political credibility of key founder members carried significant weight.

She highlighted how Zackie Achmat, Mark Heywood and other activists came from anti-apartheid political backgrounds, which informed the successful human rights-based litigation and its effective popularisation of AIDS-related science.So too, the gay and lesbian activism and consciousness-raising from women’s organisations informed the movement.

Mbali Mandisa read two extracts from her book that give a fuller flavour of the work:

2001年4月19日,欢呼声,歌声和舞蹈在拥挤的房间里在比勒陀利亚高等法院爆发。世界刚刚目睹了所面临的纳尔逊·曼德拉和他的政府最新的法律挑战峰回路转。之前只是瞬间,作用于南非的药品制造商协会(PMA),这代表40家跨国制药公司,律师已告知法官Ngoepe,这是无条件撤回其反对该国政府的情况下,它会承担这个问题的所有费用。曼德拉管理是现在可以自由地通过药物和相关物质法修正案(以下药物法令),以使更便宜的仿制和进口专利药品更大的访问权限。公民社会行动已经迫使上最有影响力的产业在世界上的撤退与一个中等收入的发展中国家的政府高调的法律纠纷之一。此外,对法院案件这一成功的活动已经为贫困患者在发展中国家有意义的影响。这种有利的结果永久性地改变了HIV药品定价的政治,发展中国家在更广泛的意义上说,全球性的健康。医药行业 - 这是有时也被非正式地称为“医药” - 引入了大幅削减对某些品牌的抗逆转录病毒药物的价格,这有利于对这种治疗的全球访问显著拓宽,尤其是在撒哈拉以南非洲地区。Similarly, as discussed in Chapter 7, it also altered global health governance in terms of the World Trade Organization’s (WTO’s) Doha declaration of 2001: a development which was inconceivable without the activism surrounding the court case, especially as it clarified states’ public health-promoting rights to take the very same measures contained in South Africa’s Medicines Act that had been challenged by the industry Association’s litigation.


许多TAC的领导人,如萨基·阿克马特的的“斗争”的背景,使南非和国际运动要求道义上的合法性为自己的事业令人信服地部署反种族隔离衍生的故事。TAC的Achmat的领导为美国艾滋病活动家,这在竞选的前几个月,因为他对于通过该法案对南非的美国贸易制裁的威胁,支持有针对性的副总统戈尔团结行动提供了强有力的道德理由。在南非,它的第一个非暴力反抗运动期间通过TAC部署的反种族隔离的叙述中使用的非洲人国民大会的20世纪50年代反抗运动的“斗争的象征”,以产生其对药品定价倡导的国内支持。我们应当看到,南非和拘禁al movements had to challenge the dominant development consensus which was opposed to wider provision of combination ARV therapy in developing countries because of utilitarian arguments that it was not ‘cost-effective’ to do so and arguments that Africans lacked the ‘cultural competency’ to adhere to them.Locally, there were also suspicions and misunderstandings about the safety and efficacy of ARV therapy which the TAC overcame through careful treatment literacy programmes which explained how the drugs worked.

The TAC successfully argued to be admitted as anamicus curiaein the case.It deftly used legal arguments based upon the constitutionally enshrined socio-economic right to access to health care.This litigation strategy was an important legal factor in the industry association’s decision to drop the case.International allies such as James Love of the Consumer Project on Technology (CPT) and Eric Goemare of Médicines Sans Frontières (MSF) provided critical expert testimony on international trends in drug pricing.Litigation based upon the socio-economic right to access to health care was new in the history of South African AIDS activism.The movement invoked these rights to press for the state and pharmaceutical industry to play a more substantive role in fulfilling their positive obligations in law in terms of the right to access to health care.By contrast, earlier AIDS activism in the country had emphasized the right to privacy, a ‘negative’ right, which generally provided that the state should refrain from taking various actions in relation to individuals.

She read from a chapter later in the book too:

Activist opposition to the PMA’s court case reveals key patterns in the development of the international HIV treatment access movement.The TAC’s transnational nature – as manifest in the international activist alliances that the South African movement forged – proved vital in forcing the 40 major multinational pharmaceutical corporations to drop their case.This was also a critical moment in the founding and consolidation of the international HIV treatment access movement.As this chapter shows, the TAC contributed to a specifically South African form of moral capital to the international movement.When the international and domestic movements were first formed, the overwhelming ‘development consensus’ among donor governments, UNAIDS and the World Bank was that widespread provision of HIV treatment in resource-constrained settings failed the utilitarian test of ‘cost-effectiveness’ and that it was anyway unfeasible due to health systems-related issues and Africans’ ‘cultural differences’.

It was easy for South African and American activists to equate the industry’s actions with those of the apartheid regime: the case was brought only a few years into South Africa’s post-apartheid period;the country had one of the highest numbers of people living with HIV globally;the case was brought against the Mandela administration, and it was aimed at advancing the interests of a small, but powerful, constituency at the expense of the well-being of millions of poor patients.But the fact that South Africa also had the TAC – a new social movement of affected and aggrieved people led by an openly HIV-positive former anti-apartheid activist – lent additional credibility to international solidarity actions, including those of American activists.American activists effectively used the political opportunities presented by Gore’s presidential bid to advocate for a change in US trade policy.This was a critical early victory in the campaign against the pharmaceutical industry association’s case, as it robbed them of critical political and diplomatic support from the US government.

Within South Africa itself, the movement was heavily shaped by its origins in anti-apartheid activism in ways which were also beneficial to the international movement.The TAC’s growing credibility as a movement, which was evident in its expanding membership, depended heavily on the anti-apartheid backgrounds of key leaders such as Achmat.The movement’s growth can also be attributed to organizers’ treatment literacy activities, which popularized the science around the epidemic and their work to sew the TAC’s advocacy onto the social and political quilt of township life which was tailored around the country’s (apartheid and anti-apartheid) history.

In addition, the TAC had a deft legal strategy which involved invoking the socio-economic right to access to health care to be admitted as an amicus.This strategy was enabled by the new Constitution and it provided the TAC with an additional political forum to present its arguments against the PMA’s case.International allies played a critical role in the case in that they provided vital expertise on drug pricing and innovation in America and the generic drug industries in India and Brazil.

TAC的使用社会经济权利的法律 arguments in this manner marked a critical shift in the history of South African AIDS activism.Whereas earlier activism in the country had prized the principle of the people living with HIV having a right to privacy (a concept grounded in negative freedom), the new AIDS activism encouraged voluntary openness about living with the disease.It did so to underline its campaigns which used the right to health, a concept grounded in a substantive understanding of freedom, to demand more state services and regulation of the pharmaceutical industry via health-advancing trade and patent policies.

The global HIV treatment access movement and the TAC had won its first important victory.

‘Pharma’ is the acronym for Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America but is also used colloquially to refer to the industry in general both in the United States and South Africa.

* * * * * * * *

Liesl Jobsontweeted live from the event using the hashtag#livebooks

* * * * * * * *

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Cape Town and Durban Launches for南非的艾滋病行动主义和全球健康政治


周二5月28日下午5:30下午6时,姆巴利将在艾克的书籍和收藏品与发展研究的夸祖鲁 - 纳塔尔大学医学院的理查德·巴拉德讨论。



Durban launch

Cape Town launch

Book Details

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About the author

曼迪萨姆巴利是讲师社会学和社会人类学的部University of Stellenbosch。她是一个罗兹奖学金并获得她的博士学位近代史University of Oxford,英国。姆巴利完成博士后研究工作的Yale University,美国并已出版期刊文章和书籍章节的后种族隔离艾滋病行动和决策。


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播客:柴FM会谈妮可JAFF关于Menopause: Everything You Need to Know

Menopause柴FM最近采访了妮可JAFF,作者Menopause: Everything You Need to Know。在下面的播客,JAFF讨论症状和更年期,疗效持续时间和激素治疗的风险和实际更年期方式:


eBook options – Download now!

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介绍Menopause: Everything You Need to Know妮可JAFF

MenopausePan Macmillan is proud to announce the publication this month ofMenopause: Everything You Need to Know妮可JAFF:

“......最简单,最理解的,绝对都是最新的和翔实的书更年期和女性的健康,我已经读过。” – Elizabeth Barrett-Connor, MD.

Nicole Jaff是国际绝经专家。她明白妇女在或接近更年期和行为通过相互冲突面临这些妇女理论的迷宫引导他们经历的压力和困惑。借鉴了广泛的研究,最新的医疗信息和她的更年期顾问经验,妮可规定,妇女需要中年过程中管理自己的健康和福祉的信息。

目前正在对她的南非黑人妇女更年期和健康风险博士,健康科学学院,在University of the Witwatersrand妮可是注册顾问,认证更年期医生与North American Menopause Society并在温迪阿普勒鲍姆研究所妇女健康在更年期辅导员Wits Donald Gordon Medical Centre



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